Monday, 20 August 2012

The Wedding Purse

It's done! It's done! It's done! Last time I left you with this, sewn down folds on a piece of fabric.

This weekend I cut out my pieces and sewed everything up.

You can see that my seams are not lining up 100 per cent in the bottom. Ah well.

Some shots before gluing. I like to topstitch close to the top to have a somewhat flatter fabric sandwich/seam to work with. Sometimes it's a little fiddly to hide when gluing the purse to the frame but most of the time it's a nice guide to work with. Awkward hand alarm in these pics.

And this is the frame that I've had for at least a year and saved for a special occasion because I love the ornamental moulding on the front frame. I've had the fabric for even longer, about 1.5 years. I guess my wedding is special occasion enough to have finally made use of both, eh?

Gluing frame purses is fiddly and nothing for overwrought nerves, sometimes it's a relatively easy job, sometimes it proves messy. This time it was messy. My nerves did show, haha. Let me tell you, this purse is not perfect. I used an ever so slightly too large seam allowance before turning everything, therefore, as you can see below, I've not been able to hide my topstitching perfectly in the inside. But I don't care! It's on the inside, nobody will notice. Also, it's my wedding purse and it's finished. I can get married now.

So, without further ado, here are a few gratuitous shots of my purse next to my shoes! Yep, exclusive peep at my wedding shoes for you, too. What a day!

Happy sewing!

Credit: I learned how to make frame purses from Lisa Lam's tutorial and have adapted the pattern shapes to my needs since.


  1. it looks so marvelous! I wish you a wonderfull marriage!

  2. This purse turned out wonderful! Love the color too!

  3. The purse looks amazing, and I love those shoes!! The frame is so awesome, it is just perfect :)

  4. Oh your purse looks beautiful! Love the colour for your purse and shoes! I do hope we'll get a little pic of the gorgeous wedding dress on your big day! You must be getting excited!

  5. Wow it is beautiful! What a gorgeous colour you have chosen. Not many sleeps now until the big day!


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