Friday, 17 August 2012

Pouches and Purses

The last of the pouches for my girls is finished and another Polaroid has found its place. I really need to make that tote sometime soon now to sew up the rest.

This pouch is slightly thicker and softer than the others as I used a thin fusible batting, leftovers from the Nanette tote which I made last spring (find it here, here or here), because I'd run out of Vilene H 200. All these pouches quickly gobbled up my stash of it and I really needed the last bits for my wedding purse. (Yeah, lazy me didn't feel like a run to the shop.)

At this moment I've fused all my fabric pieces and have sewn down the folds on one outer piece.

Once I've repeated this on the second outer piece, I can cut them according to my pattern and assemble my purse. I'm going really slowly with this project but I don't feel like potentially having to take my seam ripper to task on the fabric at all.

Here's a peep at the embroidery done by my friend on some Cotton Couture Nite which will serve as lining. Our names are above the date but I'm keeping the future husband (six days!) offline.

I received the partly metallic machine embroidery thread as a birthday gift from another of my hen night girls who knows how much I love green and sewing back in march. I'd not been able to use it before and I love how now both friends have been involved in my wedding purse.

Goals: Finish the second outer piece this evening. Cut parts out with my pattern tomorrow and sew up the purse. Glue everything to the clutch frame either tomorrow evening or on Sunday. As I said, taking my time here.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and some happy sewing!

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  1. Love your Polaroid zippy pouch, so much fun!

  2. The polaroid purse is lovely! Well done

  3. very nice! I love the gold spray against the red print - lovely color contrast.

  4. That's so cute!!! well done. :)


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