Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #12 - Binding

Thank you for all the input on my last Winter Baby Girl Quilt post. I followed my guts and your assurances and bound the quilt on Saturday, applied it to the front after lunch (see above) and sewed it down by hand all evening. That was a looong session of approximately 4.5-5 hours but worth it and very calming.

I feel much better now that I can just fill in my hand quilting whenever I've got time and still have the quilt appear finished before little one's arrival - more pictures will follow sometime. It's also freed time for other things I need to finish before Christmas, like some knitting.

Little one, however, appears to want to stay put where she is for as long as possible. Neither doctor nor midwife expect her delivery before Christmas and wouldn't be surprised if it took longer. Can't say I'm thrilled but of course we'll take it as it comes.

Happy sewing!


  1. It's beautiful!! Such a lovely quilt! Hope that little girl gets moving for you soon, I know exactly how you feel!

  2. I don't love making the binding strips, but the hand sewing part is very relaxing. And yes, baby will come when she's good and ready!


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