Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy Holidays!

Oh my, I've been away for such a seriously long time it's like late 2012 all over again - only better because I've not had to move to Bavaria again and have been busy working rather than studying and did have access to the internet even though I was often too tired to actually go online.

But the best thing about it is that all the hard work which has caused my absence has paid off. Not only did the events we've been setting up for our clients and the huge office Christmas party I was in charge of turn out great, nope, there's more. From January on, after just half the time that was set for my intern, I'm fully employed with a permanent contract. And I still love the team and the job to bits. Honestly, I couldn't be happier right now. It's such a load off our shoulders and such great news to take into the holidays and New Year's.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty happy how our tree has turned out, too.

There's just a few modern decorations but the majority are still from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and salvaged from my mum and grandma. Like this 80s bauble which has always been a favourite of mine during childhood.

And this tree topper and delicately painted silver baubles which my granddad gave my grandma back in the 60s.

Even the tinsel is vintage - salvaged by my mother-in-law and also about 30 years old. We still have the GDR packaging. Such a nostalgic/eastalgic tree.

On the other hand, I'm not happy at all with the progress made on my sister's scarf - overtime does take its dues - but am set to spend this evening and the following ones knitting to finally deliver.

Mine, however, is all finished and such a joy to wear. So warm and snuggly.

I also knit up a quick hat to go with it.

To return to the Christmas theme, I sewed up this little something as a present for my nephew. Considering that his granddad, my dad, is a learned deep sea fisher we have to start him young, right? He's in love with red at the moment and simply gorgeous. Such an active and happy baby.

I put this squeaky thing inside to drive his parents nuts. *wink*

Right, I'm off for today but am looking forward to some serious sewing and reading your blogs once I'm back from three days with the family. Got to make the most of the holidays!

Happy holidays and happy sewing!


  1. Oh that is great news Mareen! Congratulations on the permanent position! Woohoo!

    Love that little sailboat - that's so cute!

  2. Congrats on the position! Your tree is just lovely. I occasionally find items from West Germany when I thrift or go to vintage stores. It's hard to believe how different the world was in what seems like only a few short decades. It's even harder for me to believe that I lived through that change! I guess I am turning 30 soon lol! Merry Christmas and have a joyous New Year! :)

  3. Llongyfarchiadau! (Congratulations in Welsh :-)

    Your tree looks great. I wish that we had some decorations which were older than the six years we've been living together.

  4. Well, Merry Christmas to you! I'm so happy that things are going your way! :)

  5. Congrats on the job! Such good news! Also, I am particularly loving your knits :)


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