Thursday, 31 October 2013

Skirt Update of the Quick and Short Kind

As I'm not going to finish this in time for TGIFF I can post my skirt update just as well tonight. Skirts always look a bit boring on a hanger but please bear with me. I'll try to deliver a "worn" picture as soon as possible.

A few more things need to be done, like sewing down the yoke inside (hence the pins), prettifying the side seam allowances and, of course, hemming by hand. The pockets are all done, though.

Yay, another skirt with pockets - so useful, especially when you're someone who often doesn't know where to put her hands.

Happy sewing!


  1. so cute! Love the fabric and pockets, can't wait to see it worn!

  2. Looking quite pretty!

  3. lol, like Ricky Bobby... I dont know what to do with my hands. It's a lovely fabric!


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