Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Stash

Are we even capable of making a short trip to the shop for one or two essential supplies without adopting other things? I went to buy basting spray and was only browsing the yarn section because my sister has implied that she wouldn't mind a new scarf for Christmas or her birthday in November. No serious intention to buy anything yet, I swear, but then I saw this lovely grey and the vibrant yellow mustard nestled against each other and couldn't help it. They begged me to take them home.


Perfect for my autumn goal to learn knitting in more than one colour. I even found just the right pattern after browsing Ravelry for the longest time. (I think. You never know until you start.) Only to discover that I will have to adapt it to thicker yarn and a larger needle size. Sigh. Frustrating.

I had to satisfy my knitting itch, though, and so I cast on a different project with a luscious merino / silk blend that I've been stashing since December 2011. I chose this pattern but have made it about 2.5 times as wide because I want it to be more like a stole and not just a scarf.

This is the quick and easy 2P 2K band I managed yesterday evening. Let's see whether I'll like and stick with it once I've managed a pattern repeat.
Happy sewing!

P.S. Yep, I guess that much knitting on my mind is a good indicator that summer has moved on. Seriously, the temps have dropped considerably over night, there's autumn foliage in the park and the air smells differently, too.


  1. I just hoped over to Ravelry to check out the scarf pattern and it's gorgeous. I love the texture. Have fun!

  2. Gorgeous wool, those colours are perfect together. Some things you just have to have don't you? I swear things leap into my basket!!

  3. lovely colours :-) I just can't get into knitting. I keep giving it a go and ending up with half finished projects!

  4. That's a beautiful scarf pattern! And the yarn you're using is so lovely too. I love that dark colour.


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